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  • Web Hosting & Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Business Emails
  • IT Support & Consulting
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Computer Networking
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Software & Hardware Support
  • Database Solutions
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Aquaritech IT Solutions Web Design & Development Services.
Web Design

Expert web design and development solutions to cater for every business industry.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Web Hosting Services.

Reliable Web Hosting, Email Hosting, and Cloud Hosting solutions.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Domain Name Registration Service
Domain Names

New Domain Name Registrations / Renewals on local and international domains.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Business Emails and Email Hosting Services.
Business Emails

Professional domain name email for your business that adds credibility for your company.

Aquaritech IT Solutions IT Support Services.
IT Support

IT support and solutions, proactive maintenance and technology consulting.

Aquaritech IT Solutions - Security Solutions.

Firewalls, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Access Control, Intercomm Systems and CCTV systems.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Computer Networking Services.

LAN, WAN, Routing & Switching, Security, VoIP & Unified Communications and Wireless.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Internet Services.

Get Fibre Via Wireless or Mini Hotspot Constant High Speed Internet.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Software and Hardware Services.
Software & Hardware

We install, configure, maintain and repair computer software and hardware systems.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Database Services.

Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Administration of Databases.

Aquaritech IT Solutions - Computer and Printer Repairs.
Computer Repairs

Your PC or Printer giving you problems? Get it repaired by technicians at Aquaritech.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Application / Software Development.
App Development

Custom developed applications to meet client business needs. Web, Desktop & Mobile apps.

Expert Web Design & Development Solutions

We design, develop, deploy and manage cutting edge web products for your business: Websites, WordPress Websites, E-Commerce Websites, Intranets, Student Portals, Web Based Content Management Systems, Web Based Database Management Systems, and more.

Web design and development solutions to cater for every business industry. We offer responsive designs, smart, easy to navigate websites and web applications for businesses at affordable rates.

At Aquaritech IT, your website connects everything about your business in one place; Your content, your marketing, your products… it all works seamlessly together so you can focus on your business. A well-designed website is a must-have for any serious business or brand.

Aquaritech IT Solutions Web Design Eswatini
Aquaritech IT Solutions Responsive Web Design

Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Extremely fast, secure and user-friendly website hosting for your successful online projects. Unlimited Web Hosting with High end perfomance servers offering 99.99% uptime reliability. Our Uncapped Web Hosting comes with Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Powerful Control Panel and 24/7/365 Technical Support.

We also provide WordPress Hosting - Quick and secure, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, feature-rich WordPress hosting solution.

Cloud Hosting

The power of cloud computing with simplicity of shared hosting. Faster. Stronger. Dedicated. Experience up to 3x faster hosting. Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime. Superior Speed Performance. Powerful Control Panel.
Aquaritech IT Solutions Web Hosting
Aquaritech IT Solutions Cloud Hosting

Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfer

We offer New Domain Name Registrations, Renewals and Transfer on local and international domains. We have over 100 domain extensions available. Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. Our Domain Registration Service includes a complete set of related services at no additional cost, including Privacy Protection, Managed DNS Email Forwarding and Domain Forwarding.

We will help you make your domain name memorable and keeping it short. We offer the most popular top level domains that fit you best:
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .online
  • .store
  • .biz
  • .tech
  • .info
  • .co
  • .jobs
  • and more
Aquaritech IT Solutions Domain Name Registration
Aquaritech IT Domain Name Renewals or Transfer

Email Hosting For Your Business

We create and host professional domain name emails for your business. Not only does a professional domain name email address drive awareness to your brand or business, it also adds credibility simply by virtue of being connected to your domain. You could have unlimited customised and unique email addresses, with uncapped hosting space to securely store your businesses electronic communication. You also get FREE webmail access, which you can access from anywhere in the world.

Good to know:

What is email hosting? Email hosting is a unique solution focused primarily on email servers.
What are the advantages of domain-based emails? Nowadays, building brand trust and awareness is extremely important. It is much simpler with domain-based email hosting!
Can I migrate my email contents from other platforms? You surely can!
Can I set up email accounts on Apple/Android devices? Of course! Our email hosting service is fully compatible with any mobile device or mail client. Set it up across multiple devices and effortlessly synchronize all email content. Be responsive no matter where you're located!
Aquaritech IT Solutions Business Emails Services
Aquaritech IT Solutions Email Hosting

IT Support Solutions

Aquaritech IT support and consultancy services that enable your business to succeed. We provide fully managed IT support and technology solutions, including proactive maintenance and monitoring, 24/7 IT support, network administration and technology consulting. We’ll get to know your business inside out so we can recommend technology that will effectively address your unique business needs.

Technology supports almost everything in the modern workplace. When it goes wrong, there is a negative impact on productivity, growth, employee and customer satisfaction.

Whether you work in financial services, the property industry or other professional services, we have the tools and the knowledge to tailor and deliver the perfect IT solutions for your business.

Our clients tell us that they need an IT support service that delivers expertise, fast. They also need their IT outsourcing provider to be reliable. We deliver IT Services consistently on all requirements.

Our purpose is to help people succeed through technology. We’re focused on not just fixing your IT problems, but on helping you achieve your business goals – whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.
Aquaritech IT Support Services
Aquaritech IT Solutions IT Consultancy Services

Security & Surveillance Solutions

We install and maintain security & surveillance solutions like Anti-Virus Systems, Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Video Surveillance (CCTV systems), Firewalls and Anti-Spam to give you total security for your business or home.

Robust Security Solutions - We have experience in designing, developing and deploying solutions that are both secure and classified. We aim to scale the security architecture involved, based on appropriate risk assessments. Then deliver the best appropriate security solutions.
Aquaritech IT Solutions Video Surveillance Solutions, CCTV Installations and Maintenance
Aquaritech IT Solutions Security Services

IT Networking Solutions

New Network Installations, Maintenance and Support. IT Networking Solutions in LAN and WAN, Routing & Switching, Security Appliances & Firewalls, WAN Optimization, VoIP & Unified Communications and Wireless.

IT Networking is a vital part of business. When two or more machines network together, they are able to share essential information and resources allowing you to take advantage. Aquaritech provides IT Networking and support to organisations to ensure that your information and communication systems run optimally, always.
Aquaritech IT Solutions IT Networking
Aquaritech IT Solutions Computer Networks

Internet Connectivity Solutions

It’s more important than ever before to stay connected. Slow, unreliable connections reduce productivity and kill efficiency. But a constant high speed connection is far better. We are a Jenny Internet Authorized Dealer to provide you with Connectivity Solutions. We offer the following packages:

Wireless Business Lite

Wireless Internet Home

Fibre via Wireless

Mini Hotspot

Aquaritech IT Solutions Internet
Aquaritech IT Solutions Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

Computer Setup & Support

Aquaritech IT Solutions provides computer setup & support to keep your computer's security and performance up-to-date and running efficiently. We also provide set ups for operating systems, software installations and updates, PC performance tuning, computer security, troubleshooting and repair.

Printer Setup & Support

Network printer setup and configurations. Connecting printer to the internet, devices, and peripherals. Technical diagnosis and repair of printer errors. Configuration and updating of printer drivers.
Aquaritech IT Solutions Computer Setup and Maintenance
Aquaritech IT Solutions Printer Setup and Maintenance

Custom Database Solutions

We analyze, design, develop, deploy, manage, and host databases, custom develop database management systems for web, android and desktop platforms. Whether you need to collect survey data, store data on the cloud, or anything concerning databases; Aquaritech IT Solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Our custom database solutions help you store, manage, and analyze large amounts of data. For many companies, good data management has become not only an advantage, but a necessity. The choice now lies between adopting a cutting-edge data strategy and falling behind your competitors.
Aquaritech IT Solutions Database Solutions
Aquaritech IT Solutions Custom Database Systems Eswatini

Custom Software Development

Whether you need custom app development to promote your business, provide users with a unique service, or simplify internal processes, we have the software development experience you need.

As a custom software development company, we offer the best app development solutions for web, mobile and desktop apps. We leverage native features for iOS, Android and Windows for cross-platform development.

Our versatile desktop apps leverage the full strength of their systems' computing power to provide enhanced graphics, robust security standards, and greater performance.
Aquaritech IT Solutions Software Development Company Eswatini
Aquaritech IT Solutions Custom App Development

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